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Certification in Mexican Gastronomy

10 day Culinary Program in Mexican Cuisine

Quick Details

Highlights: cooking classes, food tours, restaurants, boat day, culinary experiences, learn from Netflix Chef Table’s Star Rosalia Chay.

  • Earn an ACF Certificate
  • Lodging included
  • All ground transportation once in Mexico included

Single Room Up to 1 person per room (Mex$ 78,000). Private Room.
Double Room For couples or single person in shared room (Mex$ 68,000)
Triple Room Up to 3 people per room (Mex$ 62,200)
The exchange rate fluctuates everyday. Prices in dollars may vary.

About Certification in Mexican Gastronomy

Certification in Mexican gastronomy, a 10-day program where you can earn a certificate and learn the traditional techniques of our culture, the most important recipes and techniques of Mexican cuisine.

Named by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity, Mexican gastronomy rescues authentic and ancient techniques that mix flavors, textures and aromas in perfect balance.

Come learn Mexican cuisine in Mexico with Mexican chefs, Chef Alejandra will guide you through Mexico and its culture together with a team of professional chefs who will make you taste the best of Mexico.

Words from the chef:

Whether you are a culinary student looking to learn more about tasty Mexican food, a Professional Chef looking to implement Mexican food in your restaurant menu or just a foodie looking for the best classes and culinary activities, this program will be the perfect fit for you.

Join our culinary programs and learn about Mexican culture while interacting with local Mexican chefs. Get the tastiest of Mexico with a culinary expert.

Immersive cultural experience in Cancun Riviera Maya and Yucatan food scenario.