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Yucatan Delights Cooking Class

Quick Details

Person Mex$ 2,650

Learn to Cook Local Yucatan Dishes!

What We Cook:

  • Sopa de Lima (Lemon Soup)
  • Arroz con Chaya (White Rice)
  • Cochinita Pibil (Pulled Pork in Pibil Sauce)
  • Frijoles Colados (Black Beans)
  • Cebolla Morada con Habanero (Red Onion with Habanero Pepper)
  • Pan de Elote (Corn Bread)
  • Handmade Tortillas

Requires a minimum of 2 people on the first booking. If only 1 person, give us a call at 998-348-3352 or send an email to [email protected].